Incontinence Treatment Super Bexhill

Lipo Sculpt Bexhill are proud to be the leading clinic for achieving the ultimate incontinence treatment results in the United Kingdom.


Suitable For Men & Women - Save Up to 55%

Incontinence Treatment Prices - For Individuals

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incontinence super prices

10 x Incontinence Sessions £1,300

10 x Body Sculpting Sessions £1,200– 55% off £540

Total for both £1,960

SAVE £660

What Is Included In Incontinence Treatment Super Prices ?

Save big by combining two treatments at Lipo Sculpt Bexhill.

Our unique combination of Incontinence treatment and Body Sculpting not only builds muscle but also provides faster relief from incontinence.

Combat incontinence effectively from both sides, ensuring faster and longer-lasting results. 

Book now for two or more treatments and enjoy additional savings. Don’t wait!

Schedule a consultation today to discuss your requirements. Our treatments are suitable for both men and women, require no anaesthetic, and have short 30-minute sessions.

There is no recovery or downtime after treatment, and only 10 short sessions are needed. 

Rest assured, our treatments are 100% reliable and safe, helping with bladder and pelvic muscle control.

Plus, you can remain fully clothed during the discreet procedure. Experience cost-effective treatments that deliver exceptional results.